About DividendStacker

I am a young professional currently residing in Florida in my late-20s who is pursuing a "9-5 optional" financial life, with sufficient passive income to support my expenses.

Early Pitfalls:

Early on in my career, I was in the get rich quick mindset, investing in anything from penny stocks, to falling knives and everything in between. If I made a few bucks, I sold, if I lost a lot of bucks, I sold. This is no way to build a sustainable financial life and luckily I quickly realized these mistakes early on, when the investments and losses were fairly inconsquential.

Change of Heart:

My big "oh!" moment came in 2011 when I discovered the amazing personal finance blog GetRichSlowly.org, through the content of the site as well as the forums on the site, I set off on a new course. Pay down debt, live below my means and invest the rest. JD Roth was a pioneer in the personal finance blog space and I cannot thank him and his blog enough for their impact on my young financial life and journey.

Where I am Today:

I am still in the early stages of my dividend and passive income investing career. After recently completing my MBA and finishing paying off my student loans, I am now ready to live up to my new namesake, DividendStacker!

I hope you'll enjoy following along and provide any insight you may have!