June 2016 Passive Income Report

This is the first monthly income report for DividendStacker!

Each month I reflect how fortunate I am to be able to have begun my march toward financial independence through the accumulation of passive income. As part of this reflection I am going to share my dividend income for the month in relation to prior year(s) to help track my progress.

Roth IRA

Good and bad news in this account.

The total dividend income increased 15% or $19.80 in comparison to last year. That’s great news, if I can keep that kind of pace up, I’ll be well on my way.

This is the result of the following changes from 2015:

  • Purchase of 100 shares of Ford (F). This added $15 from my previous Ford dividend.

  • Purchase of 40 shares of Wells Fargo (WFC). This added $15.20 to my June income.

  • Sold 20 shares of Target (TGT). This subtracted $10.40 from my June income. I felt that Target was too overpriced above $83 recently and decided to exit the position, I may re-enter now that it has dropped significantly.

However, in a hint of bad news, only $1.10 of this month’s increase was attributable to dividend increases.

This is the result of a few things:

  • A decrease by Armour Residential (ARR) dividend. ARR has been cutting their dividend as they restructure their capital. I’m ok with this because it still is providing a very high yield and leaves the company in a much better operating situation.

  • British Petroleum (BP) flat dividend. BP is currently a relatively large part of my Roth portfolio and it has maintained a flat dividend over the last year due to oil industry headwinds. Hey, it’s better than a cut right?

  • Ford (F) flat dividend. As far as the regular dividend, Ford maintained their dividend since last year. As many of you know though, Ford paid a hefty special dividend earlier this year.

Forward 12-month dividends for this account are now $1,506.03.

Rollover IRA

Nothing too interesting to report here, it will be this way for the next few months. This Rollover IRA is the result of rolling over my 401k from my old job and all purchases are new. I’m coming up on a year at the new gig, so comparisons to prior years should start shortly!

Forward 12-month dividends for this account are now $720.30.

Brokerage Account

Same as the Rollover IRA account, there was not a whole lot to report as far as changes in my Brokerage account. A little more than a year ago was when I began investing in this account so soon the monthly income reports for this account will be more interesting!

For the time being though, I have increased my June 2016 income by 111% or more appropriately $12.50. Small bucks, but this will begin to change rapidly.

Forward 12-month dividends for this account are now $257.43.


In total, my dividend income for the month was $257.67, up 72% from my 2015 total of $149.67 and my total forward 12-month dividends are $2,483.76. Overall, this was a great month, with large growth from last year. Looking forward to what July will bring!

How was your June? Any big accomplishments? Please share!

Disclosure: I am long all securities listed in this article.

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