Buy & Sell Transactions Update

It has been a crazy last couple of months, work got really busy, then I moved and have been prepping my old duplex for rental. This included some huge expenses such as tree work, new HVAC units, new roof and some cosmetic work inside the property. Needless to say dividend investing and blogging have been taking a back seat recently.

This will be an update of all my purchases and sales since my last post at the end of August.

Roth IRA

11/11/2016 Sold 5 shares of QCP for $60.56 – HCP spun off a portion of their operations into a new company, unfortunately it was a loss leader in the business and the new company in my mind was basically worthless. The transaction fee of $7.95 obviously hurt on this one, but I guess it added to my cash position. HCP has definitely been a disappoint this year.

11/23/2016 Sold 15 shares of CAT @ $95.83 for $1,429.41 for a profit of $120.91 (+9.24%) – CAT’s business right now is really struggling. They are in a cyclical industry, and the cycle is low right now, but the stock is trading as if business is booming. At this ~$95 price level, the company does not interest me. The election results spurred a huge rally that I think is unwarranted. In addition, the company did not raise its dividend this last year, another reason I am currently not a fan. If the price pulls back to a more rational level I’ll look into re-initiating the position. Since this was in my Roth, there are no tax implications on this sale. This sale reduced my forward 12-month dividends by $46.20.

Rollover IRA

10/3/2016 Bought 15 shares of CVS @ $87 for $1,312.90 – I made this purchase about a week or two too early as shortly after the stock dropped below $75, but I am still comfortable with the investment. I am a huge fan of CVS’s business model change to focus on healthcare. They are filling a niche that I think exists in the US. This purchase increased my forward 12-month dividends by $25.50 at a 1.95% yield at purchase. Hopefully CVS will be announced a sizable dividend increase in January 2017.

Individual Brokerage

10/17/2016 Bought 25 shares of TGT @ $67.55 for $1,696.70 – I sold out of my position in Target back in March at $81, Target has been one of the most tradeable companies the last couple years as the stock has taken some large swings. With the price coming back down below $70 I jumped in again. As of the writing of this article it is back up to $78 again. I’m considering another sell if it gets above $80 again. This purchase increased my forward 12-month dividends by $60 at a 3.55% yield at purchase.


My transactions over the last 3 months have added a net of $39.30 to my forward 12-month dividends. These transactions cost me $31.80 in transaction fees. Fees feel high due to the QCP sale that was kind of forced on me, not cool HCP, not cool.

I am hoarding about 10% cash right now, likely through the end of the year, in anticipation of the holiday retail results, possibility of a rate hike and Presidential inauguration. All events that could swing the market significantly.

In the coming weeks I’ll be working on a dividend income update over this period as well as setting my 2017 goals!

How has everyone else been doing??

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