Portfolio Raise!

We're about to enter raise season, which frankly I like more than the holiday season! Most companies raise their dividends in the 1st quarter of the calendar year, meaning the announcements are about to trickle in. Today the raise came from General Electric (GE).

After a large restructure of their operations and business GE decided to hold their dividend steady in 2016. This year however, they are rewarding shareholders with a higher dividend.

Today GE raised its dividend from $.23 per share a quarter to $.24 per share. This represents a 4.35% raise over the previous dividend.

I was disappointed in the lack of a dividend increase in 2016, so this is welcome news. I own 100 shares of GE in my Roth IRA account my forward 12-month dividend income will go from $92 to $96.

Anyone else get any recent raises?

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