Portfolio Raise(s)!

Today brought two portfolio raises my way, as if the holiday season wasn’t already good enough, my 2017 income is already increasing in leaps and bounds, without any extra capital infusion.

First off we have Boeing (BA), which has been in the news recently with Trump discussing how expensive the Air Force One order will be. Well here we have some more positive news, the business is thriving. The prior quarterly dividend was $1.09/share and the new dividend will be $1.42/share. This represents a 30.28% increase year over year! I am trying to think of a raise this size that I have received in the past, but I honestly cannot.

Since I own 15 shares of this adds $19.80 to my forward 12-month income in my Roth IRA.

Next up is Pfizer (PFE), another industry that has been in the news with a lot of political talk. They raised their quarterly dividend from $.30 to $.32 which is a healthy 6.67% raise over the prior year.

I currently own 40 shares of Pfizer, so this will tack on an additional $3.20 to my forward 12-month income in my Roth IRA.

Combined I just “earned” $23.00 in additional income for myself by purchasing ownership in these companies. Truly nothing like it!

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