Portfolio Raise(s)!

Couple more days and yet another two portfolio raises my way. One tiny little raise and another double digit increase to an income source.

To start we have CVS Health (CVS), CVS has had a steep decline in its share price the last few months, but their dividend payout ratio is low allowing them to increase their payout for 2017. The prior quarterly dividend was $.425/share and the new dividend will be $.50/share. This represents a 17.6% increase year over year!

Since I own 30 shares of CVS in my Rollover IRA this adds $9.00 to my forward 12-month income.

Continuing on is Realty Income (O), a staple holding in most dividend investing portfolios. They raised their monthly dividend from $.202 to $.2025 which is a micro .247% raise over the prior dividend. While a small raise, O does this every quarter and has been doing it for a very long time. I can always expect more money from O throughout the year.

I currently own 82.541 shares of Realty Income, so this will tack on an additional $.50 to my forward 12-month income in my Roth IRA.

Between these two raises I just added $9.50 in additional income for myself by purchasing ownership in these companies. Add that to my $23.00 in raises from earlier in the week and I’m up to $32.50 in additional income this week alone from dividend raises. At a 3.5% yield that would take $928 in fresh capital investment. That’s what we call Dividend Stacking!

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