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Happy holidays to everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful time with their families and friends. This is a fun time of year when everyone can reflect on their accomplishments from 2016 and look forward to goal making in 2017.

I made one last purchase for 2016 that we’ll talk about briefly today.

The following information represents key information I utilized in my purchase decision

The Purchase Facts:

Company Name: Unilever PLC ADR

Ticker: UL

Purchase Date: December 15, 2016

Purchase Price with Fee: $39.65

Shares Transacted: 60

Total Investment: $2,378.86

The Company Dividend Facts:

Dividend Per Share (last year): $1.40

Purchase Dividend Yield: 3.53%

Payment Frequency: Quarterly

Dividend Stacker Dividend Facts:

Purchased in What Account? Roth IRA

Previous Forward 12-Month Dividend: $1,475.03

New Purchase Dividend: +$84.00

Account New Forward 12-Month Dividend Total: $1,559.03

Unilever (UL) is an ADR, so the dividend stats above won’t necessarily be exact as the currency fluctuations will change the exact dividends often. But the general idea is encapsulated.

About the Company: Unilever is one of the largest consumer staples companies in the world based in Europe with an incredible cabinet full of companies and brands that distribute all over the world. I’ve wanted to own shares of Proctor and Gamble for a long time, but in comparison Unilever generally offers way better value on the purchase.

Bottom Line

This purchase added to my previous Unilever position, I now own 100 shares of the company and it is close to a full position in my portfolio. For the time being, I am shooting for a full position to be around $5,000 invest, however this is obviously not a hardline number.

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