Portfolio Raise!

This is the first raise across my portfolio for 2017 and boy it is a great one! Welcome in the New Year!

On 1/17/2017 Realty Income (O) announced yet another raise. This company is truly a dividend investors dream with steady increase throughout the entire and as well as being a monthly payer. Usually the raises seem inconsequential but this particular one was anything but that!

O raised its dividend from a monthly dividend of $.2025 to $.2105 per share. This comes out to a 3.80% raise over last month’s dividend. This is a great raise from a consistent dividend payer. My yield on cost is an incredible 6.40% on this holding now. The current dividend yield is 4.20%.

I currently own 82.541 shares of Realty Income, so this adds an additional $7.92 to my forward 12-month income in my Roth IRA. Great start to the year as far as dividend raises go.

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