Portfolio Raise(s)!

Over the last week there have been two companies in my portfolio that have announced raises. Leading to more income this year for me. While these raises are not large, they are very welcome as it signals not only more money, but continuing strong financial results for the companies.

The first raise in my portfolio comes from Eaton Corporation (ETN). ETN announces are raise of $0.03 pushing the dividend from $0.57/share a quarter to $0.60/share. This is a year over year raise of 5.26%.

I own 30 shares of ETN in my Rollover IRA account so this will add $3.60 to my forward 12-month income stream.

Today Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) announced a dividend hike. BNS is a Canadian bank so there are currency implications for this raise. The Canadian dividend went from $0.74/share a quarter to $0.76/share. This represents a 2.7% raise over the previous dividend. Since I receive the dividend translated to US dollars I just applied the percentage raise to my previous dividend amount received from BNS to get an approximate new dividend amount. Last quarter I received $0.564/share US from BNS so this quarter I project the amount will be $0.579/share.

With all of this said, I own 20 shares of BNS in my Roth IRA account, this raise will add approximately $1.20 to my forward 12-month income stream.

2017 Raises to Date

January – Realty Income (O) – 3.8% raise - $7.92

February – Cisco (CSCO) – 11.54% raise - $6.60

February – Wal-Mart (WMT) – 2.0% raise - $2.20

February – Eaton Corp (ETN) – 5.26% raise - $3.60

February – Bank of Nova Scotia – 2.7% raise - $1.20

2017 Total Income Added via Dividend Increases - $21.52

To illustrate the impact of dividend raises, at a 3% yield it would take an investment of $717.33 to achieve this level new income.

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