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March 10, 2017


First purchase of the new year is in the books now! Like many I have been hanging on the sidelines, waiting for new opportunities to pop up in a fairly frothy market. Opportunity came a knocking in the last month and I pounced at the opportunity to add to a position of mine.


The following information represents key information I utilized in my purchase decision


The Purchase Facts:


Company Name: Target Corporation

Ticker: TGT

Purchase Date: March 3, 2017

Purchase Price with Fee: $57.41

Shares Transacted: 35

Total Investment: $2,009.58


The Company Dividend Facts:


Dividend Per Share: $2.40

Purchase Dividend Yield: 4.18%

Payment Frequency: Quarterly


DividendStacker Dividend Facts:


Purchased in What Account? Brokerage Account

Previous Forward 12-Month Dividend: $329.01

New Purchase Dividend: $84.00

Account New Forward 12-Month Dividend Total: $413.01


Other Factors Considered:


Target Corp announced what many considered to be weak earnings and guidance recently. While this was true, the didn’t report great results, the market reaction to this report seems a little overblown. Many fear that Target will go the way of many before it, like K-Mart, etc. While this is certainly a risk, I think management will conduct a plan to remedy the short-term issues. Competition remains stiff from both Wal-Mart and Amazon, but Target is still making a lot of money and a lot of cash.


Bottom Line


This purchase added to my previous Target position, I now own 60 shares of the company and it is close to a full position in my portfolio. If there is another drop to get it down around $50/share or below, I will probably make one more final purchase. For the time being, I am shooting for a full position to be around $5,000 invest, however this is obviously not a hardline number.


Anyone else jumping on Target? Or any other bargains in the market?


Disclosure: I am long TGT.

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