2017 Goals - Q1 Review

Goal setting is obviously such a big part of trying to achieve financial independence. It is a big reason I am keeping up with this blog! I enjoy setting goals and focusing on trying to attain them. It also gives me a vision into the future that I am trying to get to. Here you'll find a review of the goals I set back in early January.


Roth IRA – Fully Fund $5,500 – Progress: $800 contributed (15%)

Through the first quarter I have funded $800 of the $5,500 into my Roth IRA. I’m a little behind, but this goal will be completed.

Brokerage Account – Contribute $10,000 in new capital – Progress: $500 contributed (5%)

Through the first quarter, I have only contributed $500 new capital into my brokerage account. To finish this goal of mine, it will require$1,055 per month in contributions. I may be able to complete this, but I won’t know more until I see how my Q2 progresses.

No Purchases <$2,000

I’ve made one purchase in 2017 so far, and it was TGT at $2,009.58. This goal is on track for the year. Also, in exciting news, Fidelity dropped their transaction fee from $7.95 to $4.95, huge from a cost perspective!

Total Forward 12-Month Dividend Income: $3,600

My forward 12-Month dividend income from my March 2017 Income Update is at $2,717.94. I have $882 to go to accomplish this goal. This is going to be extremely difficult to accomplish at this point, at a 4% investment yield, it would take $22,000 in purchases to get to $3,600. I’m still going for it, but it’s gonna be tight!


2016 was a fun year. I finally got the chance to get this blog started up with the purpose of sharing my experiences and investment thoughts as well as trying to hold myself accountable with my investing goals. The dividend investing community is vast and a great resource of all sorts of different strategies and personalities, I really have enjoyed slowly joining it.

Post at least every two weeks

I’ve mostly kept up with this goal, I have 8 posts so far in 2017, mostly based on my income reports and some awesome dividend raises.


Complete my MBA

This will happens in Q2! Final stretch!

Purchase a Home

This is the reason my dividend income goal may be a stretch. I’m dumping money into my savings account to get a down payment ready. I’m not rushing buying another house, it’s a big commitment, if I find a good deal in an area I like, I’ll pounce. But the down payment fund is coming along nicely!

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