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It’s been a little over a month since my last purchase, the market has been relatively flat over this time period with some stocks dropping on earnings and others moving the opposite direction. Let’s get down to it.

The following information represents key information I utilized in my purchase decision

The Purchase Facts:

Company Name: AT&T Inc

Ticker: T

Purchase Date: April 21, 2017

Purchase Price with Fee: $40.11

Shares Transacted: 50

Total Investment: $2,005.25

The Company Dividend Facts:

Dividend Per Share (last year): $1.96

Purchase Dividend Yield: 4.89%

Payment Frequency: Quarterly

Dividend Stacker Dividend Facts:

Purchased in What Account? Roth IRA

Previous Forward 12-Month Dividend: $1,606.24

New Purchase Dividend: $98.00

Account New Forward 12-Month Dividend Total: $1,679.74

I missed the ex-dividend date for May’s dividend payout so this will only raise my forward 12 month dividends by $73.50.

Other Factors Considered:

AT&T pulled back a little bit recently to the $40 range. I would like to build T into a core position of mine. I am a customer of theirs through my cell phone service and think that they offer a good product. In addition, I believe they have a high, safe yield and are a well-diversified telecom in comparison to its biggest competitor in Verizon.

Bottom Line

I now have 75 shares of T in my Roth IRA account with another 60 shares in my Rollover IRA. I think within the next year or two I’d like to get up to 200 shares in my Roth IRA and probably about the same number in my Brokerage Account.

I’ve seen a few other purchases out in the dividend blogging atmosphere, anyone else have any other purchase ideas?

Disclosure: I am long T.

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