Portfolio Raises!

Once again I have a couple of raises to announce and expect that there will be a few more coming within the next week or so. These raises continue to bolster my forward 12-month income, whether they be small are big, they are all welcome additions to my passive income stream.

Realty Income (O) announced its quarterly raise last month and it given its size I figured I would wait to announce it with another raise. The raise was from $.2105/share a month to $.211/share, or .24%. I own 82.541 shares in my Roth IRA account so this will add $.50 to my forward income for the next year.

Next we had an unexpected pretty large raise from a position I just doubled down on a few months back in Unilever PLC ADR (UL). Unilever raised its dividend payout from $.3439/share to $.3828/share, this represents a very healthy 11.3% raise. With my last purchase, I now own 100 shares of this stock and so this adds a very nice $15.56 to my forward 12-month income. This is by far my biggest dollar raise of the year. Excellent news.

I also got some excellent news from Blackstone Group (BX) of a distribution being upped from $.47 a share to $.87 a share. Blackstone does not have consistent distributions so I am not going to include this in my raises, but since I own 100 shares of BX, this is a nice extra $40 into my pocket that I was not expecting at all.

2017 Raises to Date

January – Realty Income (O) – 3.8% raise - $7.92

February – Cisco (CSCO) – 11.54% raise - $6.60

February – Wal-Mart (WMT) – 2.0% raise - $2.20

February – Eaton Corp (ETN) – 5.26% raise - $3.60

February – Bank of Nova Scotia – 2.7% raise - $1.20

March – Toronto Dominion Bank – 9.09% raise - $4.50

March – Realty Income (O) – .24% raise - $.50

April – Unilever PLC ADR (UL) – 11.3% raise - $15.56

2017 Total Income Added via Dividend Increases - $42.08

To illustrate the impact of dividend raises, at a 3% yield it would take an investment of $1,402.67 to achieve this level of new income. This number is starting to get very big and goes to show you the immense power of a dividend investing strategy.

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