Portfolio Raises!

I need to continue to get more dividend growing companies in my portfolio because I definitely have a little bit of an addiction developing here! I received some more raises this past week in addition to my recent purchases and the good times keep rolling.

International Business Machines (IBM) announced a raise on April 25th after reporting what some said were disappointing earnings. Companies the size of IBM will go through contractions and reorganizations, but as a long-term investor you must never forget the sheer size and power of IBM. The announced raise was from $1.40/share a quarter to $1.50/share. This is a 7.14% raise and given my 10 shares held in my Rollover IRA account, this will add $4.00 to my forward 12-month income stream.

Next up Exxon Mobil (XOM) kept its dividend streak alive by raising its payout from $.75/share to $.77/share, a 2.67% raise. Between my brokerage account and my Roth IRA I own 30 shares of this company, so I will have another $2.40 added to my forward 12-month income stream.

Nice couple of raises as the year marches on!

2017 Raises to Date

January – Realty Income (O) – 3.8% raise - $7.92

February – Cisco (CSCO) – 11.54% raise - $6.60

February – Wal-Mart (WMT) – 2.0% raise - $2.20

February – Eaton Corp (ETN) – 5.26% raise - $3.60

February – Bank of Nova Scotia – 2.7% raise - $1.20

March – Toronto Dominion Bank – 9.09% raise - $4.50

March – Realty Income (O) – .24% raise - $.50

April – Unilever PLC ADR (UL) – 11.3% raise - $15.56

April – International Business Machines (IBM) – 7.14% raise - $4.00

April – Exxon Mobil (XOM) – 2.67% raise - $2.40

2017 Total Income Added via Dividend Increases - $48.48

To illustrate the impact of dividend raises, at a 3% yield it would take an investment of $1,616.00 to achieve this level of new income. Not too shabby.

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