April 2017 Passive Income Report

Time is flying by in 2017! Each month I reflect how fortunate I am to be able to have begun my march toward financial independence through the accumulation of passive income. As part of this reflection I am going to share my dividend income for the month in relation to prior year(s) to help track my progress. This is an exciting time of month for dividend investors as they get to review and visualize their hard work and dedication, let’s get to it!

Roth IRA

The total dividend income decreased by 11.3% or $12.63 in comparison to last year. A little disheartening but it is mostly due to items out of my control.

This is the result of the following changes from 2016:

- ARR still continues to hurt my dividend portfolio for 2017, the company is performing well and hopefully will hold steady the rest of the year.

- TD Bank pushed their dividend into May, so no biggie here, just a shift in pay dates, it’ll be a pick up next month.

- There were several other raises in the portfolio that kept the income up a bit.

12-month dividends for this account are now $1,679.74 after ending March at $1,570.85. This is a 6.93% increase. This increase is mostly due to my recent purchase of AT&T, as well as several additional dividend raises that I received.

Rollover IRA

Another decent month for my Rollover IRA, I’m not contributing any money to this account, so any growth is amazing. As can be seen, DOW held off on raising their dividend, but MO and WMT added some nice little bumps to the month.

Forward 12-month dividends for this account are now $814.33 after ending March at $707.81. This is an excellent 15.05% increase. Big forward 12-month dividend income increase, due to a new purchase that I’ll be revealing in a couple of days.

Brokerage Account

I sold my PM holding in this account a few months ago due to a large jump in the share price and my general dislike of the company. If PM were to get back to better valuations, then I may consider reestablishing a position in this account. Their slow growth in both earnings and dividends, along with their negative social impact are all things I dislike at the current price.

Forward 12-month dividends for this account are now $491.14 in comparison to $439.28 at the end of March, for an 11.81% increase. This increase is mostly due to a big increase in my Blackstone Group holding.


In total, my dividend income for the month of April 2017 was $163.55, down 13.73% from my April 2016 total of $189.58. Relatively down month as far as the income report goes, but my portfolio growth can be seen in the following paragraph as my forward dividends are way up.

Forward dividend income now sits at $2,985.21 up from $2,717.94, for a total increase of $267.27, or 9.83%. Huge increase. If I could get this type of forward income growth every month I would be in excellent shape. I’ll continuing scouring this hot market for purchases!

How’d everyone else fair? Is your portfolio growing as well?

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