May 2017 Passive Income Report

Almost halfway through another year! Each month I reflect how fortunate I am to be able to have begun my march toward financial independence through the accumulation of passive income. As part of this reflection I am going to share my dividend income for the month in relation to prior year(s) to help track my progress. This is an exciting time of month for dividend investors as they get to review and visualize their hard work and dedication, let’s get to it!

Roth IRA

The total dividend income decreased by 2.1% or $1.80 in comparison to last year.

This is the result of the following changes from 2016:

  • The HCP spin off and resulting dividend decrease impacted my income for the month, but it should stay at this level going forward

  • My sale of CAT lost me that income, but it was more than replaced with TD shifting its pay date into may.

  • Everything else in the portfolio had some minor increases or decreases from this time last near. No purchases added to the income for May.

12-month dividends for this account are now $1,686.88 after ending April at $1,679.74. This is a .43% increase. No purchases were made during the month in this account, so any increase is welcome.

Rollover IRA

Lots of changes in this account for the month, with purchases, raises and movement of dividend payments. All of this led to a 49.21% increase for the month from 2016.

This is the result of the following changes from 2016:

  • My CVS position doubled in size as well as provided a large increase from 2016, this led to a large increase in the dividend payment

  • Again, I sold out of my CAT position in this account as well, but it led to my purchase of OHI in the account which added a sizeable dividend going forward.

  • ETN moved its payment date, so that added a chunk of income, we’ll see where it pays the next go around.

Forward 12-month dividends for this account are now $820.97 after ending April at $814.33. This is a steady .82% increase. Same as my Roth IRA account, I didn’t make any purchases, so an increase is an increase, as far as forward income goes.

Brokerage Account

It’s pretty simple to see what happened here, I added to my BX position and they also paid one of their largest distributions in years. I can only hope that other distributions for BX can hit this level. 417.86% increase, now wouldn't that be nice all the time.

Forward 12-month dividends for this account are now $519.28 in comparison to $491.14 at the end of April, for an 5.42% increase. This increase is primarily due to my CSCO purchase, the forward income could also potentially be higher or lower depending on the inconsistent BX payout going forward.


In total, my dividend income for the month of May 2017 was $273.35, up 59.96% from my May 2016 total of $170.88. This is a really solid increase from last year, however I’m not getting super pumped about it because so much of it was due to an outlier payment from BX. Nevertheless, fun stuff!

Forward dividend income now sits at $3,027.13 up from $2,985.21 for a total increase of $41.92, or 1.40%. Nothing huge, but it got me about the $3,000 forward income mark! Here’s to hoping the next $1,000 comes a little easier than the last one. I’m looking forward to having a better track record of all this information so I can keep track of how long it takes me to achieve these results.

Now onto the big month! 3rd month of the quarter!!

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