June 2017 Passive Income Report

Six months through another year and another dividend income report to unveil. It has been a great start to 2017 and I continue to look forward to more opportunities in the market. There has been a little flatness and even weakness in the market the last month or so that I am hoping to take some advantage of! Until then here is how the month of June went…

Roth IRA

Nice! 29.4% increase over 2016! This some investments earlier in the year finally started to pay off a little.

This is the result of the following changes from 2016:

  • I bought some Boeing (BA) almost a year ago now, this has turned out to be one of the best investments I’ve made in my investing tenure.

  • JNJ, O, XOM and PFE have all had strong raises over the past year resulting in the $2.69 extra income from those holdings.

  • I also doubled up my position in UL earlier in the fiscal year, excellent yield and to this point a nice paper return.

12-month dividends for this account are now $1,707.13 after ending May at $1,686.88. This is a 1.20% increase. Up and up!

Rollover IRA

Limited action in this account, as will continue to be the case, I can’t really add any fresh capital to it without leaving a job and rolling over a 401k.

This is the result of the following changes from 2016:

  • ETN paid its dividend in May, so nothing significant there.

  • EMR, IBM and WMT contributed some modest raises helping keep the decrease to a minimum.

Forward 12-month dividends for this account are now $826.29 after ending May at $820.97. This is a steady .65% increase.

Brokerage Account

Big addition of my TGT purchase this month. TGT continues to show some weakness but I think they’ll have some staying power for quite some time.

Forward 12-month dividends for this account are now $519.28 in comparison to $447.94 at the end of May, for an 13.85% increase. Great increase that I hope continues as I soon start to pile on some purchases in this account in the next 6 months.


In total, my dividend income for the month of June 2017 was $325.51, up 26.33% from my June 2016 total of $257.67. Nice increase for the month, I have not been investing as much as I’d hoped so far this year, so it is great to see progress like this nonetheless. So much capital has been going into my rental property, but that has been cash flowing very handsomely so that’s been rewarding.

Forward dividend income now sits at $3,052.70 up from $3,027.13 for a total increase of $25.57, or .84%. Small increase, but this is basically exclusively due to dividend raises. Still looking forward to pursuing my goal of $3,600 forward income by the end of the year! We’ll check in on that progress in my Q2 goal update.

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!

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