2017 Goals - Q2 Update

I actually have had this goal update written for a while now, I just have been far too busy to get to posting it to the site. It’s a big update though! I’ve enjoyed cruising around all the various investing sites this month reading how everyone else has been doing.


Roth IRA – Fully Fund $5,500 – Progress: $3,000 contributed (55%)

First quarter was only $800 contributed, so I amped this up in Q2 and dumped $2,200 into my Roth. Through the second quarter I have now funded $3,000 of the $5,500 into my Roth IRA. This will likely be finished in the third quarter.

Brokerage Account – Contribute $10,000 in new capital – Progress: $1,050 contributed (10.5%)

This goal is going to start to become as stretch, I’ve decided to start savings a lot more cash for a down payment on my next property, so while I still am going to shoot for this goal, it’s quite likely I’ll fall short. As it stands right now I’ll need to contribute around $1,500 month through the end of the year to meet my goal.

No Purchases <$2,000

I made two purchases in this quarter, one of AT&T (T) of $2,005 and Cisco (CSCO) for $1,876. The purpose of this goal was to make larger purchases to limit my activity and fees. While my CSCO purchase was below $2k, I am still pleased with what the goal has done for me this year.

Total Forward 12-Month Dividend Income: $3,600

My forward 12-Month dividend income from my June 2017 Income Update is at $3,052.70. I have $547.30 to go to accomplish this goal. To continue to my journey to meeting this goal I will need to make approximately $13,675 worth of purchases at a 4% yield. I think I am going to be able to accomplish this knowing my cash balances and with how I view the market right now. It will be close, but I really want to accomplish this particular goal.


2016 was a fun year. I finally got the chance to get this blog started up with the purpose of sharing my experiences and investment thoughts as well as trying to hold myself accountable with my investing goals.

Post at least every two weeks

This goal continues to be fun, as I am really enjoying the blog and really connecting with everyone in the Dividend Investing community, it’s a great and very inspiring group.


Complete my MBA

Diploma arrived last week! All done!

Purchase a Home

I won’t be purchasing a home this year. I’ll keep this goal on this list because it will be repeated next year, but I have decided I want to go the “forever” home route rather than the just buying one that may or may not be what I really, really want. This means I’ll need a higher down payment and hopefully higher income. 2018 may be the year, for now I’ll keep focusing on my duplex and increasing the cash flow it provides.

The duplex has been cash flowing anywhere between $500 and $1,000 a month so far this year, depending on how well the AirBnB market is. This has really been fun and I’m hoping it continues.

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