August 2017 Passive Income Report

As I write this Hurricane Irma is bearing down on my home state and I’m hoping this positive income report doesn’t end up being followed by property problems. The months continue to march on in 2017 and the dividend income keeps on stacking up.

Roth IRA

Awesome 11.0% growth for the month even with ARR and HCP still impacting my year over year results in a small way.

I had strong raises from AAPL and O over the last year in addition to beefing up my AT&T holding. Other than all of this, it was a normal month in the Roth IRA account.

12-month dividends for this account are now $1,835.18 after ending July at $1,729.88. This is a 6.09% increase. Awesome increase for the month. This is due to my purchase of Qualcomm which I discussed about a week ago. Not too far off from $2,000 in projected income! I should be very close to there by the end of the year.

Rollover IRA

Woooo! The OHI holding cranked out some serious cash this past month, with a big 80% growth year over year. I’ve said this many times, but this account doesn’t get new capital outside of dividends, so big dividends will more quickly lead to more purchases.

Forward 12-month dividends for this account are now $1,005.35 after ending July at $990.97. A small, but appreciated 1.45% increase. This is due to projected raises over the next year and I’ll continue to hope this account grows along with the dividends.

Brokerage Account

Blackstone Group is killing it this year with some sizeable distributions and the month of August was no different. This stock has provided some huge returns between the distributions and capital appreciation. One of my favorite long-term holdings with exposure to many industries.

Forward 12-month dividends for this account are now $535.94 in comparison to $535.94 at the end of July, meaning I experienced no raises as well as no new purchases. This account should probably have one more purchase before year end.

401K Account

New account alert! I started a new gig a few months ago and this is the first batch of income from the account. Nothing too exciting to report and I’m not going to get into projected the forward income for the account yet. But I will be doing it soon! There is a generous fully vested match, so I should be seeing growth in this account pretty quickly which will be fun.


In total, my dividend income for the month of August 2017 was $273.01, up 43.23% from my August 2016 total of $190.61. That’s the type of increases I like to see. They’ll probably become less frequent as the portfolio grows, but fun nonetheless!

Forward dividend income now sits at $3,376.47 up from $3,256.79 for a total increase of $119.68, or 3.67%. The forward income continues to step up on a monthly basis which of course is incredible to see. I recently posted about my raises over the last month and I look forward to making another purchase in my Roth IRA in the coming month. My goal of $3,600 forward 12 month income by year end is getting closer and closer.


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