December 2017 Passive Income Report

Crazy start to the new has my December income report coming out a little late, but that has not stopped the dividends from rolling in! I wrapped up the year on a strong note and am looking forward to a monster 2018. My financial focus has been all over the board in 2017, but now it is dividend time for real!

Roth IRA

Excellent increase from the last month of 2016. You can see purchases in QCOM, UL and WFC as well as some strong raises across the portfolio.

12-month dividends for this account are now $1,918.26 after ending November at $1,949.50. This is a 1.60% decrease. The decrease is a result of General Electric (GE) slashing its dividend and no purchases during the period. I’ll be discussing my 2018 goals in an upcoming post, but I hope I can bump this forward income, with increases, up another $400 during the year. Will be exciting to very soon cross the $2,000 mark in this account.

Rollover IRA

Big increase for this month, mostly due to the payment date change for DWDP after their merger, but nonetheless some other raises from the payers.

Forward 12-month dividends for this account are now $1,150.29 after ending November at $1,025.15. This is a 12.21% increase in my forward income. This comes from two purchases I haven’t had time to blog about, but SO is now apart of my portfolio (first utility) and MO is now a larger position! Good start to the year!

Brokerage Account

This increase looks kind of crazy due to adding to my Target position since 2016, but I will come to expect this type of growth this year in my brokerage portfolio. I’m looking to add a solid amount of capital to this account in 2018.

Forward 12-month dividends for this account are now $627.09 in comparison to $500.51 at the end of November, for a 20.19%. Very large bump up in my forward income, partly due to how I am projecting my BX holding (just matching last year’s distributions) as well as a purchase of ADM. This forward income is going to cruise past $1,000 in no time.

401K Account

This baby portfolio is quickly growing, I am looking forward to seeing the year over year comparisons once I get to the point where I have prior year amounts.

After ending November with $146.33 in forward dividends, I am now up to $280.91 in forward income. This is a 47.91% increase. Large increase this month with a much larger 2018 hitting my forward income. This growth will normalize again next month to a steady couple percent.


In total, my dividend income for the month of December 2017 was $366.38, up 59.19% from my December 2016 total of $230.16. If this doesn’t illustrate the power of the dividend investing strategy, I’m not sure what does. This is a massive year over year growth number and I honestly have not even gotten going yet.

Forward dividend income now sits at $3,976.55 up from $3,626.49 for a total increase of $350.06, or 9.65%. So close to crossing over the $4,000 forward dividend income threshold, but either way I smashed my $3,600 forward income goal for 2017. In the coming weeks I will be putting together my 2018 goals and without a doubt it will be a much higher number! I truly hope everyone had a prosperous 2017 and are looking forward to what 2018 has in store.

Keep Stackin’!

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