April 2018 Passive Income Report

Here come the dividends! The first month of the quarter always tends to be a quieter one around my neck of the woods, but it is slowly starting to ramp up along with all the other months into some more meaningful cash flow. Let’s take a look.

Roth IRA

Since 2017 I have one purchase amping up my dividends in KMB and another payment date movement from TD. This led to a nice 31.4% increase in my Roth IRA.

12-month dividends for this account are now $2,220.95 after ending March at $2,034.18. Big 9.18% increase this month after deploying some capital into some new shares. There is an outside shot that by year-end this account is throwing off $2,500 in dividends, which is crazy considering I can only contribute $5,500 to it.

Rollover IRA

Not much activity in my IRA this month. Dow switched over to payment in the 3rd month of quarters and I increased my position in MO, leading to a fairly flat year over year performance.

Forward 12-month dividends for this account are now $1,246.90 after ending March at $1,244.63. Small couple dollar bump, nothing to dig into. My cash pile is slowly growing in this account and I hope to find something to purchase with it towards the end of the year. Until then, quiet times in the Rollover IRA.

Brokerage Account

Big growth month as usual for my brokerage account. It still remains a small part of my portfolio so any purchase can sizably impact the year over year growth. This time that change came from purchasing CSCO which has been performing very well.

Forward 12-month dividends for this account are now $581.87 in comparison to $559.15 at the end of March, 3.77% increase from last month. Healthy growth that I hope can increase over the coming months.

401K Account

Up to $3.00 a month from my bond fund in my 401k. This should continue to only head upward as I pile more contributions into it.

After ending February with $356.09 in forward dividends, I am now up to $385.63 in forward income. Representing a 7.66% increase from last month as I continue to forecast out my 401k progress. I increased my contribution by a percent which is the reason for the uptick from last month.


In total, my dividend income for the month of April 2018 was $220.16, up 34.6% from my April 2017 total of $163.55. Big increase for this particular paying month and once again seeing that I will never get less than $200 from dividends in a given month again!

Forward dividend income now sits at $4,435.35 up from $4,194.05 for a total increase of $241.30, or 5.75%%. Big increase in my forward income as things continue to roll in for the year. I continue to behind on my monthly updates but I will catch up some day!

Keep Stackin’!

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