October 2019 Passive Income Report

The first month of each quarter is usually the smallest out of the bunch, but I have found some purchases over the last year or so to help ramp up the dividends. I don’t actively try to smooth out my dividends, but when I can it’s not a bad thing.

Roth IRA

My GE holding still is getting me pretty good here. It’s a testament to diversification as even the biggest, baddest companies can find themselves on tough times. Hopefully they find a way back to normalcy.

12-month dividends for this account are now $2,701.10 after ending last month at $2,592.71. I made a couple purchases with some dividends leading to a healthy increases from last month.

Rollover IRA

My 401k dollars continuing to show some power with another huge increase over last year. These triple digit dividend increases will fade away in 2020 but I’m still looking forward to growing this account.

Forward 12-month dividends for this account are now $2,321.21 after ending September at $2,216.43. Nice! Some purchases flexing their muscle as this account slow creeps to the next benchmark. Maybe $2,500 forward dividends in 2020?

Brokerage Account

You may be seeing a trend. I loaded up on Altria (MO) stock in some of my accounts when it dipped real low a few months ago. The company’s future direction is still a minor question mark but the yield was too much for me to pass up.

Forward 12-month dividends for this account are now $1,208.83 in comparison to $1,129.64 at the end of September. Second straight month of almost $100 added to my forward income. This will continue to be exciting to track in 2020 and beyond.


In total, my dividend income for the month of October 2019 was $365.31, up 84.2% from my September 2018 total of $198.34! Stunning growth. I don’t really expect to see 84% growth in a month ever again, but I’ll take it here. Tons of purchases and other growth leading to this number. It’ll be a $500 month in no time.

Forward dividend income now sits at $6,231.14 up from $5,938.78 for a total increase of $292.36, or 4.9%. Smashed through $6,000 in forward income! I’ll be seeing $7,000 very early in 2020 and I may be looking at a goal of $8,000+ by the end of the year.

Keep Stackin’!

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